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Welcome to a new Internet.

Innovative decentralized applications and services, that allow everyone to benefit from a more secure, private and independent internet.


With real world impact.

At Internxt we’re creating decentralized apps and services in such a way that makes decentralization and its associated technology welcoming and accessible to the general public. Complexity was once the issue with personal computing and we believe we have the solutions to bring the next, more secure iteration of the internet to the public. Welcome to Internxt.


A New Internet.

Our short film introduces you to our company and our first decentralized internet service, X Cloud.

 Our short film introduces you to our company


A clear perspective.
For everything we do.

To ensure our approach and creating process is met with the utmost clarity, we believe it to be vital that we first establish the right perspective.

Universal. Our products are designed to have universal appeal, to compete directly with mass-market companies such as Apple, Dropbox, & Google.

Seamless. A focus on providing an easy transition to new technologies, without compromising on usability, security or features.

Integrated. Having each product integrate with each other allows for a level of security and functionality not possible with single-product companies.