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INXT. Internxt's

Thanks to the power of blockchain technology, we are able to offer everyone the opportunity to join us on our journey by purchasing INXT, our cryptocurrency token.


All revenue generated from our decentralized services will be directly converted into Internxt’s cryptocurrency token, INXT, fundamentally the same as customers purchasing INXT directly. The difference being instead of getting INXT, they receive our products and services. Example: $50m in revenue generated from our products and services means a direct $50m in buy orders for INXT on public exchanges. This organic demand and the demand from those who purchase INXT directly from exchanges ensures a strong and reliable growth of its price and market capitalization. INXT is also divisible by 8 decimal places, allowing it to have decimal exponents if need be in the future.


Gold has value due to its reliable demand, as gold is always likely to be desirable. Some cryptocurrencies rely on everybody agreeing they have value, which may change, particularly if a currency with vastly improved technology becomes available. In contrast, INXT is designed to function as an economy with reliable demand, as all revenue generated from Internxts products are to be converted into INXT. So purchasing INXT is akin to owning a percentage of Internxt's future revenue, making it a cryptocurrency with inherent potential for continuity of value and growth.

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You can buy INXT in exchanges, such as EtherDelta, CoinExchange, Mercatox and YoBit, with more exchanges available soon. There are 629,610 INXT currently circulating and this number is fixed as INXT is not mineable. You can view performance charts, exchange volumes and live price updates by visiting CoinMarketCap or alternatively by downloading the Blockfolio app for iOS and Android.


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