Frequently Asked Questions

Internxt provides distibuted cloud services that are incredibly attractive for the end user (both, customers and businesses). We believe people have the right for true private and secure internet services, without compromising on usability and overall user experience. Internxt provides next-generation, superior internet services that bring the required privacy and security where it should stand, without lacking a great UX (unlike other distributed companies). Internxt is a legally registered entity in Europe, Spain, as Internxt Universal Technologies SLU (B98936354) and is finishing the process of registering the brand "Internxt" worldwide.

X Cloud is a Peer-To-Peer File Storage network (publicly available from May 2018 onwards) that allows users to host their files on a significantly more secure, private, reliable and independent cloud, thanks to distribution and the world's most advanced encryption technologies. Hosts can also get paid in our token, INXT, by hosting bits of user files in the network. X Cloud offers a significantly superior technology to that offered by traditional providers (such as Google Drive or Dropbox), and is as easy to use and price-competitive as these are (unlike distributed competitors such as Storj, MaidSafe, Substratum or Sia).

INXT is Internxt's ERC20 token, that is used to process payments to hosts. You can find INXT on CoinMarketCap (check) and trade it in exchanges such as CoinExchange (trade), SouthXchange (trade) or Mercatox (trade). INXT's supply equals 629,610 INXT, and it cannot be mined. We do not plan to generate further INXT in the future.

There are various papers that show how distributed storage is significantly more secure, private and reliable than the current technology being used by massively adopted cloud storage providers. There is a small number of entities working on these superior services, such as MIT's Blackbox system (read) or Stoj's storage cloud platform. Cloud storage services such as the one offered by Dropbox are hostile to privacy, as personalities such as Edward Snowden reported (read). These services are now outdated and incredibly limited (read). Internxt is one of the companies working on the superior distributed technology, by offering distributed internet solutions. Internxt nor its pool of hosts can access your files, which are securely end-to-end encrypted. Additionally, since user files are splitted, spread and encrypted it's harder to gain access to your complete file, unlike if this was being hosted in a single server (read).