X Cloud

Store your files on a cloud that's truly secure, private and reliable. A distributed cloud with the world's most advanced encryption technologies, that's unbelievably beautiful.

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At Internxt we are building a range of superior internet services by using distributed technology. We're making these services incredibly attractive so that you can fall in love with them. Our first service, X Cloud, gives you the security, privacy and reliability you'd expect from a cloud storage platform, thanks to distributed technology.

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By using X Cloud, we encrypt your files with the world's most advanced encryption systems, split them, distribute and replicate them amongst different machines in our P2P network. We replicate copies of the files in different locations with which we can also provide an unseen 100% uptime, loading speed, and make these reachable only to you, wherever you are.

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With your current cloud file storage platform, your files are centralized and owned by an entity, who can normally have access to these files. With X Cloud, we don't have access to your files, nor does our P2P network, since the files are end-to-end encrypted and only small pieces of the files are kept in each machine. Your files are yours. You have the right for serious cloud storage.

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Internxt's X Cloud pricing structure and UX are similar to the one you get with providers such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Looking to become a host? You can start hosting at Internxt with the best paying rates. Users are able to pay for our services in all major currencies, and we pay hosts in our own token, INXT, which can also be traded for major currencies.


We've just successfully closed our seed round and started developing X Cloud, which will be the first of a range of distributed internet services we plan to offer.

Seed closed

  • Alpha
    January 2018

    Internxt's X Cloud Alpha version will be released with all its core infrastructure code.

  • Desktop
    February 2018

    Windows and OS X clients of Internxt's X Cloud ready.

  • Mobile
    April 2018

    Android and IOS first versions that will let you enjoy X Cloud on your phone!

  • Beta
    April 2018

    First version release of X Cloud for Windows, OS X, Android and IOS.

  • Stable
    May 2018

    Stable release of X Cloud for Windows, OS X, Android and IOS.

X Cloud out!